Giving Back

We know that there are so many dogs out there who deserve to be pampered pets but who haven't had the best start in life. That's why we donate a percentage of every sale made to support charities working to give these not-so-pampered-pets a better and brighter future. 

Every one of our Harnesses supports a different charity!  

Rainbow Walking Set: Jersey Rescue Dogs 

Jersey Rescue Dogs Logo

Jersey Rescue Dogs is a  100% VOLUNTEER run charity which means as much of the money raised as possible goes into rescuing the dogs.  They primarily rescue dogs from the UK  & Ireland.  The charity rarely uses kennels, with most of their rescues cared for in foster homes, meaning they can assess them more comprehensively and also begin any needed training. Jersey Rescue Dogs provide lifelong care for dogs with special requirements in home environments.  The majority of these dogs live in their 'Sighthound Sanctuary'.  

Rainbow Walking Set

The charity also offer temporary foster / care to pets when owners are ill or circumstances change.  This gives a life line to owners who would otherwise have to give up their animals. Jersey Rescue Dogs supply oxygen pet masks for their local Fire department in case the worst happens and an animal needs oxygen after smoke inhalation from a fire.

Foxy Walking Set: The Company of Dogs  

The Company of Dogs Jersey Logo

The Company of Dogs was originally set up to enable people to adopt dogs in need of help. They help dogs in the UK and in Europe. 

Foxy Walking Set The Company of Dogs Jersey

They are a small team based in Jersey, Channel Islands (UK), through friends and associates based in the UK, Guernsey and Europe, who share the belief that there is no better dog than a rescue dog, they aim to achieve the best outcome for each dog we find or for each dog that finds us.

Bee Happy Walking Set: The JSPCA

The JSPCA Logo

The Jersey Society for Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (JSPCA) was founded in 1868 with the intention of attempting to change public attitudes towards animals.

The Jersey Animals’ Shelter itself was founded in 1913 by Miss Frances Elizabeth Wilson, who was appalled by the number of domestic animals found washed up on the Island’s beaches, having been drowned by owners unable to care for them.

In 1925, the JSPCA formed a Committee to assist Miss Wilson in her work and in 1930, the Society purchased the present property on St Saviours Road. In 1936, the JSPCA and Jersey Animals’ Shelter amalgamated. This was a lifelong wish of Miss Wilson and took place shortly before her death.

Bee Happy Walking Set